Designed with a combination of large outer wheels and small inner wheels in a Progressive Rocker. The outer wheels extend beyond and above the boot’s base to provide superior balance for toe and heel tricks, while the 3 smaller wheels under the foot help maintain a low centre of gravity (more control), and shorter effective contact (more maneuverability).


I'm new to Wizard Skating, are these frames for me?

Advanced frames are meant for more experienced skaters who are already well accustomed to skating on Wizard frames. A better frame to start with would be either our PR80 or PR76, depending on your boot size.

Does is really matter what size my boot is? Can I just buy whichever size I prefer?

Boot size is essential. Advanced frames are designed in two sizes specifically to ensure that the front and back wheel extend beyond and above the boot. If you order the wrong size for your boots, your outer wheels will not be able to spin freely.

Do you offer any wheels specifically for the Advanced frames?

We carry all the wheel sizes required for Advanced frames. This includes 80, 84, and 100mm. They can be found on our wheels page.

Am I able to use other wheels sizes than what the frames were designed for?

Advanced frames cannot accommodate other wheel sizes, as the Progressive Rocker geometry is created specifically from the combination of either 100/80mm, or 100/84mm. Using any other wheel sizes will change the rocker of the frame, compromising the skating experience.