Intuition Skate Premium Liners

£179.00 GBP

Size Guide

Intuition Skate Premium liners are the most comparable aftermarket liners to the Intuition Wizard 3M liners (which come exclusively in Wizard boots).

Intuition Skate Premium liners are medium-volume*, and are designed to be compatible with most skate shells, whereas Intuition Wizard 3M liners are a low-volume build, designed specifically to optimize the fit in Wizard boots.

*The medium-volume build makes the Premium Skate liners fit about a half size tighter than the Wizard 3M liners (which are low-volume).

This liner is recommended as an upgrade for skaters who are currently using the Intuition Skate V2 liners in Wizard boots, or Wizard boot/Wizard 3M liner users looking for a thicker liner to fill up extra space in the shell.

Description by Intuition:

After several years of continued development driven by learning from partner brands and consumer feedback, Intuition has refined and combined their best design elements to create the Skate Premium liner, featuring a reinforced tongue and removable cuff for optimal support, energy transfer, and durability. The Intuition Skate Premium is available in 10 individual sizes to offer a truly personalized fit for inline skates with removable liners. Constructed with their proprietary, high density Genuine Intuition Foam, which naturally molds to your feet with use - no heating is required.


Tongue Style, Lace Up
Individual Sizes
Removable Cuff
Reinforced Tongue
Silicone Grip Areas
Genuine Intuition Foam
Anti-Microbial Lining Treatment

Which size liner should I get for my Wizard Skate/Boot?

If you are buying the Skate Premium Liners for your Wizard Skates/Boots use the chart below to find your Skate Premium Liner size by your foot length and shell size.

Foot Length  Shell Size Skate Premium Liner Size
21-21.5cm 36 4-4.5us / 22-22.5cm
22-22.5cm 37 4-4.5us / 22-22.5cm
23-23.5cm 38 5-5.5us / 23-23.5cm
24-24.5cm 39 6-6.5us / 24-24.5cm
25-25.5cm 40 7-7.5us / 25-25.5cm
26-26.5cm 41 8-8.5us / 26-26.5cm
26.5-27cm 42 8-8.5us / 26–26.5cm
27-27.5cm 43 9-9.5us / 27-27.5cm
28-28.5cm 44 10-10.5us / 28-28.5cm
28.5-29cm 45 11-11.5us / 29-29.5cm
29.5-30cm 46 12-12.5us / 30-30.5cm
30.5-31cm 47 13-13.5us / 31-31.5cm