Base Odyssey

A film by Mike Torres

Colin Brattey
Junkyu Park
Kash Misztura
Stuart Brattey
Mike Torres
Leon Basin

'Feeling very grateful for the people who joined the trip and helped create this beautiful project.'
— Leon Basin
'Base Odyssey premiered in Berlin, Germany to a packed house at the Re:turn event in May. The energy in the room was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and I think we all left that place feeling a rush of inspiration and excitement for what’s to come.'
— Mike Torres
'I would never have dreamt of being a part of Base Odyssey. It was an intense 10 days; overcoming my own limits and accepting my set of skills. It was truly an incredible experience to skate with people who inspire me every day. I am very grateful for this opportunity.'
— Kash Misztura
'Ain’t no more than a floor.'
— Colin Brattey
'Despite being filmed in just 10 days, Base Odyssey, in its essence, feels like a project that's been 10 years in the making.'
— Stuart Brattey
'Overdosing on inspiration.'
— Junkyu Park
'It was a pleasure to photograph such an inspiring and creative group.'
— Taylor Ritchie

A film by Mike Torres.

Filmed in Barcelona in December 2023.

Runtime: 21min06s

Download format/size: MP4/4.8 GB