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The Wizard NR frames are designed to provide the most versatile experience of inline skating. Using our Natural Rocker (NR) geometry,the frame provides a long wheel base with a short turning radius, providing enhanced maneuverability without compromising stability.

Using 4 larger wheels, the NR frames are designed for a more versatile skating experience on all surfaces. Whereas the PR frames (5 smaller wheels) work better for a more artistic skating style and skill development on smooth surfaces.

The Natural Rocker frames are available in three different sizes (NR90/NR100/NR110) to best fit your skating style or boot size....

Recommended frame length based on boot size:

Boot size 22-26cm (36-40 shell) - NR90 Frames
Boot size 26.5-30cm (41-45 shell) - NR100 Frames
Boot size 30.5-32cm (46-47 shell) - NR110 Frame*

* NR110 Frames are not recommended for beginners