Wizard Frames

Designed to provide the most versatile experience of inline skating.
Using our unique rocker geometry (wheel placement) with a longer frame base, the skater is able to experience enhanced maneuverability (compared to a non-rockered frame) and enhanced stability (compared to a shorter frame).


Designed for all-around skating. Our most versatile frame model.


Designed for artistic skating styles and skill development.


Designed for advanced PR frame users, providing an extended range of balance.

Wizard Wheels

Featuring specific profiles to match the intended use of our frames, enhancing your Wizard Skating experience.

NR wheels feature an elliptical profile to minimize surface contact and help maintain speed.

PR and ADVANCED wheels feature a round profile to increase balance and control for edge-to-edge transitions.


Designed for Wizard NR frames.
Available in 90, 100, and 110mm.


Designed for Wizard PR frames.
Available in 76, 80, and 84mm.


Designed for Wizard Advanced frames.
Available in 100/76, 100/80, and 100/84mm.

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Leon Basin
Mike Torres
Stuart Brattey
AJ DeLong