Wizard Frames

Wizard frames are designed to provide the most versatile experience of inline skating.
Using our unique rocker geometry (wheel placement) with a longer frame base, the skater is able to experience enhanced maneuverability (compared to a non-rockered frame) and enhanced stability (compared to a shorter frame).

Natural Rocker Frames:
Natural Rocker (NR) frames use four larger wheels on a three-position rocker, to allow preservation of speed (better glide) and enhanced shock absorption (smoother roll) compared to smaller wheels.

Progressive Rocker Frames:
Progressive Rocker (PR) frames use five smaller wheels on a four-position rocker to provide a lower ride height (enhanced balance and control) and a shorter effective contact (better turning radius) compared to larger wheels.

Advanced Frames:
Designed with a combination of large outer wheels and small inner wheels in a Progressive Rocker. The outer wheels extend beyond and above the boot’s base to provide superior balance for toe and heel tricks, while the 3 smaller wheels under the foot help maintain a low centre of gravity (more control), and shorter effective contact (more maneuverability).  

Designed for UFS boots:
Wizard frames are designed specifically for UFS-style boots (flat base), offering the lowest ride height to optimize stability and control.


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