If buying the Wizard 3M Liners for your Seba/Wizard UFS shells, use the chart below to find your Wizard 3M Liners size by your foot length and shell size.

Foot Length  Seba/Wizard UFS Shell Size Wizard 3M Liner Size
21.5-22cm 36 21.5-22cm
22.5-23cm 37 22.5-23cm
23.5-24cm 38 23.5-24cm
24.5-25cm 39 24.5-25cm
25.5-26cm 40 25.5-26cm
26.5-27cm 41 26.5-27cm
27-27.5cm 42 27-27.5cm
27.5-28cm 43 27.5-28cm
28-28.5cm 44 28-28.5cm
29-29.5cm 45 29-29.5cm
30-30.5cm 46 30-30.5cm
31-31.5cm 47 31-31.5cm