Frequently asked questions

last updated: November 20th, 2022


What boots work best with Wizard frames?

Wizard frames are only compatible with UFS boots.

For help deciding which brand/model of boots to use with our frames, please email

What model of Wizard frame should I get?

There's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a frame.

For a comprehensive frame recommendation, please visit our frame collection, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

We'll provide a response via email within a few days.

When will Wizard have boots available again?

Wizard will be offering boots again in 2023. Due to circumstances out of our control, we have no further information or updates to provide at this time.

To be notified of any updates, we strongly recommend leaving your email in the "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE" field on the current product page, or following our Instagram

For information about sizing, check out our Fit & Sizing page.

For other questions relating to Wizard boots, please email

Are Wizard boots available at other skate shops/ retailers?

At this time, Wizard boots are only sold on

Can I pre-order a pair of Wizard boots?

Unfortunately we're unable to offer Wizard boots for pre-order at this time.
To ensure you're notified as soon as boots become available, we encourage you to visit the product page for Wizard Boots, select the size you're interested in, and leave your email in the "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE" field.

Do Wizard boots/shells fit the same as Seba CJ/SX carbon and plastic shells?

They fit differently.

Our Wizard shells were developed to improve compatibility with the Intuition V2 and Premium Skate liners. Our updated shells have a larger toe box area with more vertical space to improve comfort and fit. Many skaters are able to downsize when switching to Wizard boots.

Our Fit & Sizing chart shows which Intuition liner size is appropriate for each Wizard shell size:

Fit - Wizard Skating

For a comprehensive sizing recommendation, please fill out our general sizing questions located at the bottom of our Fit page.

What size Wizard boot is best for me?

For a comprehensive sizing recommendation, please fill out our general sizing form located at the bottom of our Fit page.

The more information and detail you provide, the easier for us to make a recommendation.

I already own a pair of Intuition liners - what size Wizard shell should I buy?

Please consult our size chart for determining the appropriate Intuition liner/Wizard shell size combination:

Click here to view the Intuition liner size chart.

Ordering & Shipping

Has my order been shipped yet? I haven't received a tracking number.

If you haven't received a tracking number, your order hasn't shipped. Check your spam/junk folder, sometimes these kinds of emails end up there.

Tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you when we purchase the shipping label for your package.

Do you offer layaway?

We don't offer any type of layaway. Products can't be reserved unless full payment has been received.

I got a notification saying my order has been shipped, but the tracking number doesn’t seem to work?

Tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you when we purchase the shipping label for your package.

If the tracking link doesn't seem to work, it's likely that your order is packed with a shipping label on it, and is now waiting to be picked up by the courier.

Sometimes shipping updates can take 24 hours to register with the tracking number.

Why can't I find my country/region when entering my shipping address?

If you don't see your country/region as an option when entering your shipping address, please send us a message on the Chat widget, or email

Please respect that we do not ship to Russia or Belarus at this time.

How much is shipping to my country?

It depends on what you order.

Our shipping rates are based on the total weight of the items that you purchase.

To find out how much shipping will cost to your country, please add all the items you'd like to buy to the cart and then go to the Cart page and look for the text at the bottom left corner of the page that says "Estimate shipping" (under the order notes).

Fill in the basic shipping information there and click "Calculate Shipping".

The available shipping rates will then be displayed below.

Do I have to pay importing or customs duties when I receive my order?

It depends on the value of your order, and the country the items are being shipped to.

The customer is responsible for all additional fees and charges for bringing the package into their country.

These extra charges will be due on receipt.

If you do not pay these charges, the shipping company will send the package back to us. This may incur additional shipping charges which will be subtracted from your refund.