Fit & Sizing

Step one

How skates should fit

Skates should fit tighter than your shoes.

For the best fit and overall skating experience, your skate should fit as close as possible to your foot. Eliminating any foot movement inside the boot will result in more efficient energy transfer. This will maximize your control of larger wheels and/or longer frames.

For most people, this results in a skate that fits between a half size to a full size smaller than your shoe size.

Wizard boots are equipped with individually-sized Intuition 3M liners.
These liners are designed to naturally mold to the shape of your foot, and stretch by at least a half size within 10-20 hours of skating.

Step Two

Comfort or Performance Fit

Read the descriptions below to determine which option is more suitable for you

Comfort Fit

Recommended for beginners or casual skaters.

Your toes should be very close, or lightly touching the end of the liner.

For comfort, it's ok if you can wiggle your toes, as long as the rest of your foot doesn't move inside the skate.

To minimize any potential pressure points or discomfort, or to leave some extra room for insoles or thicker socks, select the size range closest to you foot measurement in CM or up to 0.5cm longer. For most people, this will result in a skate that fits about a half size smaller than your shoe size.

Performance Fit

Recommended for experienced or advanced skaters.

Your toes should be touching the end of the liner, even with some pressure, as long as your toes are flat (not curling).

To optimize the control and responsiveness of the skate, select the size range closest to your foot measurement in CM, or up to 0.5cm shorter. For most people, this will result in a skate that fits up to a full size smaller than your shoe size.

*If you're looking for a Performance Fit, we highly recommend filling out our sizing form at the bottom of this page.

Step Three

Measure Your Feet

With your heel firm against a wall, stand barefoot on a piece of paper, and trace your foot. Measure both feet in centimeters, and record the longer heel to toe measurement.

Step Four

Find Your Size

Use the chart below to find your ideal shell size and liner combination. Start with either your foot length or shell size (if you already own a pair of our Carbon UFS shells), then view the corresponding liner size that will fit your foot length or shell.

The size chart below does not account for the use of insoles inside the boot, which can alter the amount of space in your shell. If you need to use orthotics/insoles in your skates, we advise filling out our sizing form at the bottom of this page.

*The suggested fit options below are based on a Comfort Fit, and reflect the resulting fit once the equipment is fully broken in.

Experienced skaters looking for a Performance Fit can usually down size up to 1cm in the liner size compared to their foot measurements.
The interior space within the liner can expand up to 1cm after 10-20 hours of skating.

Sizing chart

(Based on Comfort Fit )

Foot Length Carbon Shell Plastic Shell Wizard 3M Liner
(size on label)
Premium Liner
(size on label)
V2 Liner
(size on label)
21-21.5cm 36 - - 4-4.5us / 22-22.5 XXS
21.5-22cm 36 - 21.5-22 - -
22-22.5cm 37 - - 4-4.5us / 22-22.5 XXS
22.5-23cm 37 - 22.5-23 - -
23-23.5cm 38 - - 5-5.5us / 23-23.5 XS
23.5-24cm 38 - 23.5-24 - -
24-24.5cm 39 - - 6-6.5us / 24-24.5 XS
24.5-25cm 39 - 24.5-25 - -
25-25.5cm 40 40 - 7-7.5us / 25-25.5 Small
25.5-26cm 40 40 25.5-26 - -
26-26.5cm 41 - - 8-8.5us / 26-26.5 Small
26.5-27cm 41 - 26.5-27 - -
26.5-27cm 42 42 - 8-8.5us / 26-26.5 Medium
27-27.5cm 42 42 27-27.5 - -
27-27.5cm 43 - - 9-9.5us / 27-27.5 Medium
27.5-28cm 43 - 27.5-28 - -
27.5-28cm 44 44 - 10-10.5us / 28-28.5 Medium
28-28.5cm 44 44 28-28.5
(previously labeled 28.5-29)
- -
28.5-29cm 45 - - 11-11.5us / 29-29.5 Large
29-29.5cm 45 - 29-29.5
(previously labeled 29.5-30)
- -
29.5-30cm 46 - - 12-12.5us / 30-30.5 Large
30-30.5cm 46 - 30-30.5
(previously labeled 30.5-31)
- -
30.5-31cm 47 - - 13-13.5us / 31-31.5 XL
31-31.5cm 47 - 31-31.5
(previously labeled 31.5-32)
- -

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