Wizard Advanced Frames

$500.00 USD

Wheels + Bearings
Designed for the Wizard Base High. Provides an extended range of balance for advanced PR frame users.
  • UFS mounting
  • Made in Canada
  • Includes 10 steel frame axles
  • Includes 4 UFS mounting bolts

The Logic

Designed with a combination of large outer wheels and small inner wheels in a Progressive Rocker. The outer wheels extend beyond and above the boot’s base to provide an extended range of balance, while the 3 smaller wheels under the foot help maintain a low centre of gravity (more control), and shorter effective contact (more maneuverability).

ADV 100/76

  • Progressive Rocker Geometry
  • Designed for 3 x 76mm (inner) and 2 x 100mm (outer) wheels
  • 77mm effective contact (underfoot)
  • 332mm wheel base

ADV 100/80

  • Progressive Rocker Geometry
  • Designed for 3 x 80mm (inner) and 2 x 100mm (outer) wheels
  • 81mm effective contact (underfoot)
  • 344mm wheel base

ADV 100/84

  • Progressive Rocker Geometry
  • Designed for 3 x 84mm (inner) and 2 x 100mm (outer) wheels
  • 85mm effective contact (underfoot)
  • 356mm wheel base

The Magic



Can I use a smaller/larger Advanced frame size than what's listed for my boot size?

A larger Advanced frame size can be used, but not smaller.

Since the outer wheels on Advanced frames sit above the base of the boot, a smaller frame will not physically fit on a larger boot, as the outer wheels will not be able to spin freely.

A size 40EU boot can fit the size 100/76, 100/80, or 100/84.
A size 45EU boot can only fit the size 100/84.

Can I use other wheels sizes than what the frames are designed for?

Advanced frames cannot accommodate other wheel sizes, as the Progressive Rocker is created specifically from the combination of either 100/76mm, 100/80mm, or 100/84mm wheels. Using any other wheel sizes will change the rocker of the frame, compromising the skating experience. 

I've never owned 5-wheeled frames before. Are Advanced frames suitable for me?

Advanced frames are specifically designed for skaters who are well accustomed to skating on 5-wheeled, rockered frames. 
Of the three models of Wizard frames, Advanced are the longest, heaviest, and most specialized model.
For most users, a more optimal choice would be our PR model.

How should I rotate the wheels in my Advanced frames?

With all Wizard frame models (NR, PR, and Advanced), we recommend flipping each wheel in its place, keeping it in the same position of the same frame.

Wheel rotation is necessary to preserve the life of your wheels, maintain proper energy transfer while striding, and roll smoothly.

What wheel profile is most suitable to use with Advanced frames?

We recommend using wheels which have a more rounded profile, to help provide as much contact with the ground as possible, and better absorb light impact.

For the most optimal rolling experience, we recommend using outer and inner wheels which both have the same profile.

Need Help Choosing a frame?

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