Wizard NR Frames

$400.00 USD

Wheels + Bearings
Designed for all-around skating. Our most versatile frame model.
  • UFS mounting
  • Made in Canada
  • Includes 8 steel frame axles
  • Includes 4 UFS mounting bolts

The Logic

Natural Rocker (NR) frames use four larger wheels on a three-position rocker, to allow preservation of speed (better glide) and enhanced shock absorption (smoother roll) compared to smaller wheels.


  • Natural Rocker Geometry
  • Designed for 4 x 90mm wheels
  • 91mm effective contact (underfoot)
  • 273mm wheel base


  • Natural Rocker Geometry
  • Designed for 4 x 100mm wheels
  • 101mm effective contact (underfoot)
  • 303mm wheel base


  • Natural Rocker Geometry
  • Designed for 4 x 110mm wheels
  • 111mm effective contact (underfoot)
  • 333mm wheel base

The Magic



How should I rotate the wheels in my NR frames?

With all Wizard frame models (NR, PR, and Advanced), we recommend flipping each wheel in its place, keeping it in the same position of the same frame.

Wheel rotation is necessary to preserve the life of your wheels, maintain proper energy transfer while striding, and roll smoothly.

Can I use a smaller/larger NR frame size than what's recommended for my boot size?

Yes. For our NR and PR models, the recommended sizes are for the general user, but can vary depending on the skaters height, skill level, and personal preference.

example: A skater who is 185cm tall and has a size 40EU boot may benefit from extra frame length to help with stability. Instead of the general recommendation of an NR90 frame for their foot size, the NR100 may be more suitable for them.

What wheel profile is most suitable to use with NR frames?

Pointier/sharper wheel profiles are most optimal to use with NR frames, as they help achieve and maintain speed.

Need Help Choosing a Frame?

Answer our comprehensive frame sizing questions, and get a personalized frame recommendation from one of our experienced skaters.