Disembark - Extras

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Disembark. Filmed in 2018 in Toronto, Rochester, and New York City.

Field Report 003

Leon and Stuart spend an afternoon experimenting on Wizard Advanced frames. Filmed in May 2022.

Victoria Field Trip - Leon Basin and Stuart Brattey

Leon and Stuart spend the weekend in Victoria, BC skating on Wizard Advanced frames. Filming and editing by Danny Beer.

Them Skates & Brain Dead present: JK in 5D Vision

Starring Junkyu Park on the limited edition Brain Dead x Wizard PR80 frame. Directed by Mike Torres. Filmed in New York City in April 2022.

Wizard Advanced Frames - Leon Basin

Leon Basin skating the new Wizard Advanced Frames. Shot in Victoria, BC, Canada in January 2022. Filming and editing by Taylor Ritchie.

Field Report 002

Leon and Stuart skating Canadian-made Wizard NR100 frames on Wizard Boot Basic's. Filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in December 2021

Field Report 001

Leon and Stuart's first session on Canadian-made Wizard NR90 Frames, using Wizard Boot Basic's. Filmed in North Vancouver, BC, Canada in the fall of 2021.


Showcasing three sizes of Wizard Progressive Rocker (PR) frames. Featuring Todd (PR76), Joey (PR80), and Leon (PR100). Filmed in Kamloops, BC in the fall of 2020.


Featuring Leon Basin on the Wizard Boot Basic with PR frames. Filmed by Mike Torres in California during the fall of 2019.


Leon and Mike take a break from filming street to spend an afternoon in the skatepark exploring new ideas, and refining old ones. Filmed in Hamilton, ON, Canada in the...


Featuring Leon Basin and Mike Torres. Filmed in Rochester, Toronto, and NYC during the fall of 2018.


Mike and Leon team up one more time to find their version of peace within the chaos of New York City. Filmed during August of 2017.